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Old Fashioned Never Seemed So…With The Times

KMTcommunications is like a third child to me, so when it was time to update some of my branding, I spent hours trying to figure out the exact look and tone I wanted to portray. My love for style and timeless simplicity carries through in everything I do  — even in my business and throughout my writing. Thus, the decision to have a vintage feel was inevitably….perfect. When one thinks about the word vintage, they immediately assimilate it as something that is “passé”, “dated” or “old-fashioned”.  Ironically, it’s these old items, that today sell for high dollars and come attached with a distinct sense of hype.

The ever-so-cool sense of nostalgia, and memories of a calmer, more laid-back era are what truly sparked my interest. Perhaps it is because today’s business world is such a vast mix of complicated processes, red tape, and lightening fast growth that makes it almost impossible to appreciate the uniqueness of our time.

As a full-fledged, bonafide Gen X girl, I barely made the cut. As a senior in high school, I remember my typing teacher placing paper over my hands so that I couldn’t see the typing keys. The smallest mistakes on that typewriter would create panic and stress requiring me to punch the backwards key in order to apply white-out. Today, my productivity levels and speed typing skills make me almost forget about a time so simple and so “old fashioned”. But it was that old typewriter and technique that taught me the skill that I’ve never forgotten, and today, helps my family afford some of the better things in life.

Simple techniques for modern ideas. It’s the same strategy I use with my clients and in the projects I complete for them. Removing the ambiguity, and applying traditional, simplistic approaches that make modern, complex topics easy to comprehend.

So the next time (if there is a next time) you find yourself stopping to stare at an old typewriter that has collected a layer dust and is a little rusty around the edges, think back to a time where today, old fashioned, really means “with the times”.

Kristy M. Theis is the owner of KMTcommunications, a Dallas, Texas copywriting and content marketing company. For more information on the services offered and to obtain a quote for an upcoming project, please contact her at