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Old Fashioned Never Seemed So…With The Times

KMTcommunications is like a third child to me, so when it was time to update some of my branding, I spent hours trying to figure out the exact look and tone I wanted to portray. My love for style and timeless simplicity carries through in everything I do  — even in my business and throughout my writing. Thus, the decision to have a vintage feel was inevitably….perfect. When one thinks about the word vintage, they immediately assimilate it as something that is “passé”, “dated” or “old-fashioned”.  Ironically, it’s these old items, that today sell for high dollars and come attached with a distinct sense of hype.

The ever-so-cool sense of nostalgia, and memories of a calmer, more laid-back era are what truly sparked my interest. Perhaps it is because today’s business world is such a vast mix of complicated processes, red tape, and lightening fast growth that makes it almost impossible to appreciate the uniqueness of our time.

As a full-fledged, bonafide Gen X girl, I barely made the cut. As a senior in high school, I remember my typing teacher placing paper over my hands so that I couldn’t see the typing keys. The smallest mistakes on that typewriter would create panic and stress requiring me to punch the backwards key in order to apply white-out. Today, my productivity levels and speed typing skills make me almost forget about a time so simple and so “old fashioned”. [Read more...]